Businesses can create their own database and easily store any type of data using DocuFirst.  Easily create custom webforms for online data entry or import your data from other systems.  This data can be used for workflows, document assembly, compliance, and more.

Create a custome database and webforms

Complex data sets and calculations often force businesses to maintain several software solutions for assembling forms, electronic signing, and document storage.  complex integrations, and significant upfront costs  often prevent many businesses from achieving a seamless digital transaction.

DocuFirst gives businesses an all-in-one solution including the ability to create your own custom database and webforms.  Our easy-to-use drag and drop designer makes customization fast without the need to hire IT staff or programmers to implement. With DocuFirst custom web form builder you can build dynamic web forms for any type of data that’s required to fill even the most complex forms.

custom web form builder

Custom Fields

Quickly create many different types of data entry fields and validation options for your webform.

API Integration

Use our RESTful API to POST or GET any data element from the DocuFirst.

Copy and Link

Easily copy data from one field to another.  Link field selections that trigger other fields to display.

Calculation Engine

Use our calculation engine to calculate values for specific fields.