DocuFirst provides you with other great features that you need to automate document assembly, document management, and document collaboration.  Out solutions allow businesses to automate manual processes, and significantly reduce time it takes to produce a completely digital transaction.

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DocuFirst also provides a document recognition engine, data extraction engine, bulk sending,  dashboard, task management, reports, user permissions, customizable notifications, and comprehensive logging.

Features like our document recognition engine help businesses automatically sort document types, and save hours of manual document indexing.  Our data extraction engine can help businesses process rules and automate compliance.

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Every function within DocuFirst has a permission that can be defined based on each user accessing the system.  Create templates for user roles that default when a new user gets added.


DocuFirst can automatically send user defined notifications based on many different triggers within the system.  These notifications can be customized easily within DocuFirst.


Share forms and documents with customers and other third parties.  Our Bulk Sending feature allows businesses to add their own email details and send to thousands of recipients at one time.


DocuFirst logs more than just the signature process.  We log everything such as data and documents that get added  or removed for each transaction.