Businesses can quickly upload and fill their form templates using data from their custom DocuFirst Database.  Upload your word documents and pdf forms such as applications, disclosures, contracts, quotes, agreements, and then fill and eSign them directly within DocuFirst.

Map and fill your business forms

Businesses are constantly emailing forms back and forth with customers and other third parties to complete business transactions.  This is a very common business / sales process that is quite time consuming to complete.  Not only is it time consuming to complete forms this way, but it is also not a secure transaction and can result violations when forms contain non-public information.

With DocuFirst businesses can maintain their own set of business forms and have them completed in a secure online portal.  Businesses and customers can collaborate together on required data in order to quickly assemble a form online.  Data stored in each unique DocuFirst database can be leveraged to quickly fill both common, dynamic or static field types.

It is simple to add the forms you need whenever you need them. With an easy-to-use interface, uploading word documents and PDF form templates and then mapping the DocuFirst database to your template requires no IT or coding at all. It’s as simple as selecting the field you want to fill, and checking the appropriate data table(s) to fill it with.  Not only can you fill your business documents, but you can also send or share these documents using our secure delivery methods.

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Form Groups

Use data from your DocuFirst database to drive the types of forms that need to be generated for each digital transaction.

Field Mapping

Map field types such as text, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop downs.  Use stored data to quickly fill forms with common field information.

Required Data

Set required data fields to ensure that your forms are always properly filled before they are generated and Electronically Signed.


Allow clients and other third parties to fill fields in order to complete the required data needed to properly fill your forms.