Hand written signatures (wet signatures) are the most common bottleneck that Businesses face when going paperless. Digital Signatures eliminate this bottleneck by allowing any number of signors to access and electronically sign any form online.

Add compliant digital signatures

Businesses and their clients often spend hours printing, signing, scanning, emailing, or even mailing documents back and forth for completion.

Digital Signatures allow businesses to create a 100% digital transaction and eliminate bottlenecks created by wet signatures and paper.  They also provide added layers of security through 3rd party authentication.  Not only can businesses save time, but they also eliminate the cost of paper, toner, printers, file storage and more.

DocuFirst digital signatures are seamlessly integrated into our software, and are easy to add to any form that is stored in the platform.  Our e-sign solutions meet the highest industry standards which is a critical component for an digitally signed documents.

electronic signatures

Digital Signature

Each signature is digitally signed using FIPS 140-2/3 level cryptography.  Our certificate used for digital signatures is part of the Adobe Approved Trust List.


Use Knowledge Base Authentication on top of email authentication to ensure that the person(s) signing documents are verified using data from third party providers.


Create unlimited signor types for electronically signing documents.  Specify the order in which documents get signed, and the order for signors to sign each document.


The signature process is logged including access, acceptance, authentication, and more.  Details about each signature can also be viewed directly on the document under signature details.