The Benefits of Business Transaction Management Software!

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With the advancement of technology within the last decade and even the last few years, businesses can run a more secure and efficient operation by implementing digital aspects into their companies. The best part is, your business can help contribute to a greater cause in our world. Cutting paper consumption helps reduce your carbon footprint.


If making big strides for your company and reducing your carbon footprint sounds enticing, then you are on your way towards reaping all the Benefits of our Business Transaction Management Software.

Think about this for a moment. With all the progression in technology, why are you still harboring paper files for your clients? We know that you still have that paper trail because you haven’t found a company or system that can streamline all of your important forms and documents into one place. That was until now.

With our DocuFirst business transaction management software, you have the platform to finally become a 100% digitally operating company. DocuFirst is your digital transaction management software that lets you do ALL things for your business electronically! With the DocuFirst system you can finally take that step you have been trying to take for years and become a completely paperless business.

Remember the cloud? All of your information is stored on its own secure cloud-based storage system designed for making transactions completely digital. Your business transactions will be supported by faster, more simplified and secure digital processes via superior transaction management facilities and manifold electronic signature capabilities. Translation: A completely digital business. A complete paperless operation.

There are many benefits to applying our business transaction management software such as:

• Increased profit gain – A reduction in your transaction times equals more business opportunities
• Heightened customer experience – Customers will have a better experience with instant progress and quicker transactions
• Compliance is easy – Every document and signature has a readily accessible digital audit trail that is legally enforceable when you need to review it

Integrating the business transaction management software is seamless because it was designed to readily integrate with existing systems. You can create your own database and web-form for data storing, fill out and electronically sign important contracts and forms, store all documents with editing ability, merging, and extract and annotate pages. You will have a document recognition engine for automated indexing of document types. Plus, you have workflows, calculation engine, API, tasks, reports and dashboard.

You have already invested in becoming a digital based company but it has only gotten you to a certain point. DocuFirst has the software and software system you need to cover ALL aspects of your business, not just a portion. It is time to take that last step towards running a 100% digitally equipped business. Give us a call to see how we can get you started with our business transaction management software.