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As an organization in the lending industry, DocuFirst gives you peace of mind by providing secure and compliant document management and storage when you gather and provide customer’s private data. DocuFirst your need for upsecure email to collect and transmit the due diligence documents from your customers, e.g., financials and tax returns. The DocuFirst secure online platform provides your customers with simple, required document checklists depending upon their loan type, provides an easy upload interface, and e-sign documents all in one place.

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Are You Ready To Get and Stay Compliant?

What We Offer

DocuFirst is classified as digital transaction management (DTM) software. DocuFirst provides you as a lender a secure, compliant online portal to present to your borrowers the documents you need from them as well as a method to collect those documents. The DocuFirst easy-to-use online portal eliminates the need for sending unsecure email containing private and personal financial data.

Why You Need It

Simply… your peace of mind. The Docufirst document management and storage platform is EI3PA and HIPPA compliant as well as meeting Dodd Frank and Graham-Leach-Bliley data privacy requirements. It provides a shareable portal accessible from anywhere to safety get the data you need and store it.

How It Works

DocuFirst is web-based and hosted within our Secure Tier 4 Data Center. The good news is that DocuFirst has already done the heavy lifting for you and set up document checklists that can be tweaked or modified based upon your needs.

See our features that will transform your office into a Paperless Office!

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Document Management

Upload and Store all supporting documents with the ability to view, edit, annotate, merge, and extract pages. No third party software required.
  • Your lender’s required document checklist is completed for you.
  • Upload PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, and more
  •  Compile any number of documents into a single PDF
  • View documents by status, category, group, and more
  • Email or Fax documents from DocuFirst
  •  Barcode Recognition for automated indexing
  • Allow third parties to directly upload documents

Store Data

Easily customize our web forms to store any type of data in your own personal Docufirst database. Data stored within Docufirst can be used to fill PDF forms, drive rules, and more.
  • Create workflows driven by data
  • Connect other systems using our API
  • Create field rules, linking, and more
  • Import or Export data
  • Custom calculation engine
custom web form builder
management software

Fill Forms

Import any Word Document or PDF form, and quickly map it with data from your Docufirst Web Form fields. It’s never been easier to fill and share your forms such as applications, disclosures, contracts, quotes, agreements, and more.
  • Form field validation to ensure completion
  • Supports field types such as text, checks, radio buttons
  •  Create rules for collaboration
  •  Quickly Digital Signature Fields

Electronic Signatures

Common lending documents are already set up for you and are ready for your borrowers to sign digitally
  •  Knowledge base authenticaiton
  • FIPS 140-2/3 level cryptographic protection
  •  Signature rules and workflows
  •  Comprehensive audit log
  •  Embed IP Address, Email, Date, Time
electronic signatures

Interested in DocuFirst?

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Hosted Document Management Software

Securely Hosted

Security and Monitoring

DocuFirst servers are hosted within a tier 4 data center (including HIPPA compliant), which offers the highest level of security and redundancy. The data center has 24x7x365 on site security and monitoring.

Each client’s information is isolated within a unique database and document repository.

DocuFirst is EI3PA certified, which requires the use of the latest most robust security standards.

Backup and Recovery

DocuFirst performs nightly backups, on disk, both on-site and at a secure remote location.

DocuFirst servers are clustered for redundancy, and DocuFirst uses the latest hypervisor technologies which allows our network to maintain 99.9999% up time for our customers.

These are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose to host their loan data and documents with DocuFirst.

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